Sunday Worship: 8:30 AM & 10:45 AM | Educational Hour: 9:30 AM

Spring 2018



Final Registration Deadline:  March 25 


For more information, contact the Director of Upward Programs, Bill Schuhler 260-414-0243  


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The first games are 9:00 AM Saturday, April 28.  The final games and Awards Celebration is June 16.  We always welcome help with games and concessions.  Continue to include all in your prayers – the players, families, and volunteers


Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

1 hour each week

6:00 PM


7:00 PM

Weekly April 10 – June 14



9:00 AM—12:00 PM


Upward Sports is

the world’s largest Christian youth sports provider with a mission of “promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports” and is open to all children ages 4 years old through 6th grade.

Taylor Chapel has families from 20-30 different Churches registering in both our Upward Basketball/Cheer and Soccer programs every year. Taylor Chapel provides the facilities, volunteers, and concessions for all of those participating, with all proceeds going back into the Upwards program.

Soccer – Spring

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport! It’s growing every year in the United States, in Indiana, and in our city. As more of our children in Ft. Wayne take up soccer we hope and pray that our Upward program will be not only a place for them to grow their skills as athletes but also grow their relationship with Jesus! We hope your child will join us.

Basketball – Winter

Indiana is a basketball state! There’s no way around that. Children grow up dreaming of college hoops and the NBA. As parents you might have spent time on the driveway reenacting Reggie vs. the Knicks of the 90’s. Today, kids dream of being Paul George, Lebron James or Tamika Catchings.  Upward basketball seeks to help them grow their basketball while also growing their relationship with Jesus.

Cheerleading – Winter

Cheerleading is a part of almost every sport. Cheerleaders add another level of entertainment to sports as they entertain and lead the audience in supporting their team! Upward cheerleading is a special part of our winter program and seeks to help our cheerleaders grow in their relationships with Jesus.