Sunday Worship: 8:30a & 10:45a | Educational Hour: 9:30a
Taylor Chapel

Adult Discipleship

at Taylor Chapel

Midweek Discipleship Opportunities

Men’s Prayer Group

Every Thursday at 7am here at Taylor Chapel. An informal gathering as we pray for our community, our church and each other. All men are welcome to join!

Women’s Bible Study meets

Thursday Afternoon’s at 2PM. Please join the women of Taylor Chapel as we pray, and share fellowship. All women are welcome !

Sunday Morning Discipleship Opportunities

All classes meet at 9:30am during our discipleship hour.

Alpha & Omega

Led by Bill Schuhler- Room A2

“Life Issues and Challenges” is meeting in A-2 at 9:30. A New Lesson is starting Sunday the 15th of January that will continue till Easter. The Bible Study focus is a DVD – Death and the Resurrection of the Messiah with Ray Vander Laan. It’s filmed at Biblically significant sites to illuminate the historical, geographical, and cultural context of the sacred Scriptures. The DVD and class discussion will transform your understanding of God and challenge you to be a true follower of Jesus.

Christian Fellowship Class

Led by Susie Schnitz – Room A3

This class focuses on applying Christian values according to God’s Word to transform our lives. Topics change monthly.

Bible Application

Led by Larry VanGilder

An in depth Bible study and fellowship led by Larry VanGilder which allows an opportunity to grow deeper in the Word as well as grow in fellowship with others.

Our newest class

Led by new member Tony and Diana Egley – Room A4.
If you are not currently connected to a class or a group, or are new in the church, they would love to have you join them. This class is designed to reach the unaffiliated and help connect you with others who also want to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus and others in Christian Community.